Reveal Hidden Details On Local Businesses In Any Niche, Any Part Of The World

Help your customers find QUALIFIED leads, reach them, and close clients with up to 20 different services!

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July 11th at 11 AM ET/NY


July 14th at 10 AM ET/NY


Thursday, July 14th at 11 AM ET/NY


Monday, July 18th at 11:59 PM ET/NY

What is Local Leader? 

Local Leader is a revolutionary lead-generation software that uses Deep-Crawling Engine technology to find ACTIVE leads and provides users with the most important data points. 

It has a built-in client outreach module for cold messaging to reach & close local clients - ALL from one dashboard.

With extensive data, users can get the full picture of the business, allowing them to craft the right offers for the right prospects.

Watch a Full Demo Here:

What Makes Local Leader Better Than Other Lead-Gen Tools On The Market?

  • Local Leader finds leads from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Google search, maps, and so on.
  • The software provides up to 20+ data points that no other software in the market currently does.
  • Gives retargeting data - if a business is spending $$ on retargeting.
  • It gives ads marketing data (if a business is running ads)
  • Checks if a business has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,  a website, domain info, and what not
  • Local Leader has a built-in cold email system
  • Outreach Tracker: Tracks opens and clicks to optimize your outreach.
  • Unlike many other tools on the market, Local Leader comes for a low one-time price 

Local Business ABCs 

Name, phone, and email address of the business

Website Details

Depending on the upgrades your subscribers buy this gives even more metrics. Check if its mobile-friendly, does it use an SEO schema and if they are using Google analytics.


Instantly know if a business has a LinkedIn presence. From the app, you can go over to a business’ LinkedIn profile and see how the company is structured or offer services for creating/optimizing a business profile

Google Position

excellent for the people who offer high-end SEO services.

Ratings and Review Counts

Instantly know the ratings of a local business and their review count - very important info for offering reputation management (leads with fewer ratings) as well as review generation (leads with low review count) services.


Quickly check if a business is running ads on different advertising platforms and determine if a business has the disposable income to spend on marketing, so you can offer these leads custom-tailored paid advertising services.


Get to know if a business is spending on retargeting. Offer these leads a variety of services such as conversion optimization services so they make more from their remarketing budget.

GMB and Wordpress

Depending upon the version your users purchase, they also get access to essential data points like if a business has claimed its Google My Business and if it is a WordPress website or not.


You'll know the Twitter handle of every lead, if they have one. Click right to it to see how they can better utilize this platform


And more…


Search by a keyword and enter your target audience filters



Our powerful Deep-Crawling Engine utilizes more than 20 data points



Local Leader will send an email to your targeted and now qualified prospect to offer to provide the service that they are most in need of. 

Intuitive & easy-to-use dashboard

to find new leads or access the previous searches.

View detailed information for each lead

Get essential information about each lead that no other lead finder can provide

Lead-gen search engine

to search by keyword and location (anywhere in the world)

One-click access 

to the lead’s website, FB page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Instagram… 

Built-in leads manager

to bookmark your leads and make sure that you're growing your list with the right people

Built-in cold email sender

to reach out to your leads and turn them into prospects by sending a cold email from inside the software

DFY cold email templates

used by the sales experts to understand what works for the pros while building your email prospecting strategy

Built-in Outreach Tracker

Track how your sent emails are performing - opens, no opens and clicks from within the app. This allows you to optimize your cold emails to perfection.

Commercial/Agency rights

are included so you can sell services provided by Local Leader

  • 40% of marketers think their lead generation tools are outdated. (Forbes)
  • Mass appeal - EVERY business needs buyer leads in order to succeed
  • The US digital lead generation market size is $3.05 billion. (Statista)
  • Companies excelling in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads. (Marketo)
  • Focusing on lead quality rather than quantity is a top priority for marketers. (Demand Gen)
  • 58% of marketers said their biggest growth-related challenge is generating leads. (Forbes)
  • We offer a “Fast Pass” high converting offer immediately after a lower-priced FE offer to increase your profits.
  • We will also be offering a bundle that includes the entire funnel at a low one-time price.
  • You can expect powerful reciprocation from a seven-figure marketer.
  • We are a well-established online company that takes care of its affiliates and customers. 
  • We're obsessive about customer support.
  • Launching on 14th July 2022 at 11 AM ET/NY - will give you enough time to prepare
  • The pre-launch webinar will convert 20% of your leads at CRAZY EPCs. 
  • $10,000 in prizes included for you!

EVERYBODY Needs Buyer Leads.… Local Leader is Perfect For Every Marketer - Online or Offline

This Launch Event Is Divided Into Two Phases


July 11th at 11 AM ET/NY


July 14th at 10 AM ET/NY


Thursday, July 14th at 11 AM ET/NY


Monday, July 18th at 11:59 PM ET/NY

  • All links via emails are hard-coded
  • LIVE webinar on July 14th at 10 AM ET/NY
  • We’ll retarget your leads heavily
  • We are paying $1 for each lead you send

Starts on 14th of July at 11am ET/NY Ends on 16th of July at 11:59pm ET/NY

  • Sales copies and VSLs written by an 8-figure copywriter
  • $10,000 in prize money
  • High-ticket upsell included
  • Make up to $283 Per Sale PLUS A Recurring Offer









FE Local Leader Commercial

  • Local Business ABCs
  • Business Logo
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Instagram Info
  • Google Search and Google Maps Search
  • Google Position
  • Ratings and Review Counts
  • Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Category
  • Email Hosting
  • Domain Info
  • Built-in Leads Manager
  • Built-in Cold Email Sender
  • Built-in Outreach Tracker
  • Video Training
  • Find leads 10k leads (100 searches/projects daily)
  • Built-in cold email outreach module included along with lead manager and email performance tracker
  • Top Tier Training
  • Top Notch, Helpful Support
  • BONUS: Commercial License Included

Do We Reciprocate?


















50% on 1st Payment

30% on recurring











OTO1 Local Leader PRO

  • 30k leads (300 searches/projects daily)
  • Google Business Profile (formerly GMB)
  • Precision filters enabled
  • Global search settings (advanced search settings) that allows you to add/export even more columns
  • Export leads into CSV and Excel



OTO2 Local Leader Extreme

  • 2000 email quality check credits (credits reset every month but don’t roll over)
  • Wordpress & Other Website Details
  • Built-in lead quality check (check the quality of email addresses before sending a single email) - single or batch emails
  • Export leads as PDF with agency branding 
  • More than 15 cold emails for top local services loaded for you already in the cold email outreach module

OTO3 Local Leader Agency Box 

  • DFY materials including logos, social media content, proposals, flyers, business cards, etc.
  • More than 300+ professionally designed, completely editable and pre-written (just copy paste) items in total
  • DFY goodies cover all major local services including SEO, GMB, Reputation Management, Web Design and Development, Review Generation


Local Leader Automate

  • Training on Agency Automation
  • Bootcamp With Neil Napier

         Module 1: Lead Gen Mastery

         Module 2: Cold Email Attraction Formula

         Module 3: Building An Agency From Scratch

         Module 4: Landing Your First Client

         Module 5: The Client Scaleup Formula

         Module 6: Creative Staffing For Peace Of Mind

BUNDLE - Price $297

Funnel value: $647

  • Includes 12 months of Extreme
  • Local Leader Commercial FE $47
  • OTO1 Local Leader PRO UNLIMITED $197
  • OTO2 Local Leader Extreme $297/per year (12 months included)
  • OTO3 Local Leader Agency Box $59
  • OTO4 Local Leader Automate $47

Got Any Questions?

Neil Napier Vendor

Taqi Askari Vendor

Dragan Plushkovski Affiliate Manager


Please carefully read the rules before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to use the following promotional methods if approved for this affiliate program. Doing so may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.

1. Don't send Spam or using safe lists of any kind

2. Cash rebates, cash backs, gift cards or physical product incentives etc to people who buy through your affiliate link are not permitted.

3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in any promotional campaign is NOT allowed.

4. Don't misrepresent our product/offer

5. Affiliates cannot create social media pages with product name or brand name. Anyone found using "brand name", "website name" or "product images" on their Facebook Fan-page or other social platforms to promote the product without permission will be banned immediately.

6. You cannot earn commissions on your own purchase.

7. Vendor reserves the right to terminate any affiliate if found to be breaking any rules and using black-hat marketing practices to drive sales or for any other reason.

Always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.



Fast Pass: all upgrades $247

All upgrades value: $600

no recurring but no Extreme after year 1

  • OTO1 Local Leader PRO UNLIMITED $197
  • OTO2 Local Leader Extreme $297/per year (12 months included)
  • OTO3 Local Leader Agency Box $59
  • OTO4 Local Leader Automate $47
  • (HIDDEN BONUS: Smart Academy)


Quickly check out their Facebook presence. This can help you understand what offer to make to get them quality social content.

Facebook Messenger

Check their Facebook page and evaluate their use of this imporatnt tool. You'll be able to offer them chatbot services with a recurring payment--TO YOU!


Many local businesses miss the opportunity that this very visual platform offers. You can offer to help leads capitalize on this influencial social.

Starts on 17th of July at 12:01am ET/NY Ends on 18th of July at 11:59pm ET/NY








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